NOO Parking Requirement Bill

NOO Parking Requirement Bill

  • 07/21/21

Yet Another New Bill Has Been Introduced by Metro Council to Impose Further Restrictions on Short-term Rentals.

At last night’s Council meeting, Council Member Freddie O’Connell introduced a new bill he’s sponsoring: BL2021-831. This bill would require 1 parking space per bedroom/sleeping area in a non-owner-occupied STR.

Hotels don’t have such a requirement. The mixed-use complexes, eateries, and commercial development going up all around the city with limited parking obviously don’t have an equivalently strict requirement either. This specifically targets non-owner-occupied STRs with a requirement that would be crippling for anyone who already owns an existing NOO-permitted property. While the state law would grandfather you in, your property would not be eligible to be re-permitted as an STR by a future owner even if the zoning allows for it if there is not 1 parking space per bedroom/sleeping area.

The Bill Passed the First Reading at Metro Council on July 20, 2021.

  • It is scheduled to be heard at Planning Commission on August 26, 2021 (with a public hearing). The second reading at Metro Council (also with a public hearing) is currently scheduled for September 7, 2021.
  • Per phone calls with the Clerk’s office and Planning Commission staff on 8/26, we learned that the hearing at Planning Commission has been deferred until 9/9. This means the second reading at Metro Council will (likely) also be deferred, but this has not yet been verified at this time.
  • Per Freddie O’Connell’s newsletter: “I’ll be deferring this tonight as I continue to discuss the proposed policy with Metro Codes and others.”
  • Currently showing that the public hearing at Planning Commission is scheduled for 11/18/2021 and the public hearing at Metro Council is scheduled for 12/7/2021.

For Those Keeping Count: This Is the 38th Piece of Legislation Impacting Short-term Rentals in Nashville.

As always, we encourage you to reach out to Planning Commission and Metro Council to voice your thoughts, concerns, and questions. 

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