Short Term Rental Repeatedly Targeted by Thieves

Short Term Rental Repeatedly Targeted by Thieves

  • 12/20/21

A girl's trip in Nashville goes wrong.

They were burglarized while inside a short-term rental and News4 learned they aren't the only victims.

Caitlin Chabot and her friends posed for a picture shortly after arriving at their rental in The Gulch.
"It was a big house. We had like ten girls staying there," said Chabot.

Their smiles soon vanished when one of the women returned from downstairs.

"She came up freaking out saying that all of her and her roommates' purses were stolen, backpacks were stolen, including a laptop, lots of personal items and cash," said Chabot.

We checked, and according to police records, this was the third time this has happened this year to renters in this exact same house.

It happened once on August 21st.

Then again to a different group of girls just six days later.

"It makes me a question: are they targeting bachelorette parties specifically? Are they targeting groups of renters specifically, and I really think they are," said Chabot. 
The owner of the property tells us rentals "have become targets nationwide. We regret our guests had this experience, but our smart lock electronic records show they did not lock the front door. The thieves were able to walk right in. We are vigilant to remind all of our guests to lock the doors at night, just like they would at home.”

Meanwhile, the girls are back home feeling defeated.

"We spent a good portion of the time on the phone trying to fix it instead of enjoying ourselves," said Chabot.

Chabot felt their only recourse is to warn others.

"People are shelling out a lot of money to enjoy and stay safe in a spot and I wished we booked a hotel room," said Chabot.

The women were so rattled they contacted VRBO hoping to be relocated.

Chabot said they were given the "run-around" and didn't officially hear back from the company until they were back home and it was too late.

We reached out to VRBO.

They haven't said if they plan to take action.

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